About Lavonji Tradings Private Limited

Lavonji Tradings Private Limited is a dynamic and reputable food product trading company specializing in sourcing, importing, and distributing high-quality food products to meet the diverse needs of customers. With a strong commitment to customer satisfaction and a keen understanding of market demands, Lavonji Tradings Pvt Ltd has established itself as a reliable and trusted partner in the food industry.

Mr. M.V. Gnanaguru, Chairman & Managing Director of Lavonji Tradings Pvt Ltd has extensive experience in various industries for over two decades. He is an accomplished engineer and successful entrepreneur, with expertise in various fields such as construction, pharmaceuticals, food technology, agricultural commodities, and import/export.


Lavonji Tradings Pvt Ltd is a provider of Public Distribution System (PDS) essentials, including Raw Rice, Parboiled Rice, Sugar (S30 & S45), and Toor Dal, to TNCSC, Tamil Nadu, NCCF & NAFED of Tamil Nadu & Karnataka. We are expanding our reach to include Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Orissa, Assam, and other states across India.

Through our targeted business approach, we anticipate achieving a turnover of ₹ 150 Crores in the financial year 2023-2024. It is noteworthy that our current order book stands at ₹ 15 crores, with an already surpassed achievement of over ₹ 70 Crores for the ongoing year.

We are now directly supplying Raw Rice to NAFED, NCCF & Kendriya Bhandhar of Karnataka for KFCSC - PDS schemes, with regular monthly orders totalling close to 10,000 metric tons.

Our traditional role as a trader, acquiring goods just in time and promptly fulfilling orders, is undergoing a strategic shift. We are now transitioning to operate as a procurer, securing merchandise with substantial advance payments. This approach aims to cultivate the market, enhance profitability, and establish long-term contracts with clients. Consequently, there is a significant increase in the need for working capital, leading to noteworthy improvements in both the projected business's top line and bottom line.